Saturday, 19 January 2013

Spine Tingling

We moved on after the Rake attack, finding a motel next town over to settle down again. We're definitely not going to spend more than two or three days here. Especially not with Chilly wandering around outside, I saw him again yesterday doing his thing. Standing there, looking creepy and singing about Little Bo Peep losing her sheep or something. The bastard froze me in place and made me listen to his whole bloody performance before fading away into frosted air. I'd be more worried but Chilly follows me everywhere, I've never lost him and he turns up where ever I am whenever he wants. But he never goes near me as long as with the group. So there's point worrying. I don't think he kills people. He just sorta, stops them living. I don't know, there's probably plenty who will disagree with me. And plenty more who would but can't because they were killed by the Cold Boy. But he doesn't seem very threatening to me. Just...lonely.

But he still sends a chill down my spine every time I see him and I've nearly lost extremities to frostbite several times. So I prefer not be around him. As you would imagine. But I can't really run much from him, just avoid him for as long as I can manage. But now that we've found ourselves a nice warm motel I shouldn't be having much problems with him.

SHIT one minute, I hear something outside.

Okay I'm back and WHY did I ask you to wait? You're a random blog reader and possible Runner or Proxy but you can't read what I typed until I post it at which point you can just read the whole thing the whole way through, so asking you to wait a minute for something that is already on the page in front of you is idiotic. But I'm not going to delete it because I've already spent all this time typing about why it was a stupid idea!

Anyway, what happened outside was our other "friend" Slendy. We thought traveling in groups was supposed to keep you safe because Fears are territorial, but apparently these ones are just taking turns. We'll have to keep an eye out for the Black Dog next. Anyway, we heard the sound of footsteps which apparently was Slenderman even though he doesn't really walk and I've never seen any blogger describe Slenderman as having footsteps but whatever. It was him and he stood there, doing his thing. Which is somehow more boring and more frightening than Chilly's at the same time. Standing.

He just stood there as usual, staring at us without eyes. As soon as we saw him we all ran back into the room but Sean seemed...hesitant. I'm worried about him, really. He's fine and talkative most of the time, but whenever Slenderman shows up he goes quiet and doesn't speak again for hours. I hope he isn't being...y'know. Proxified.

But after a couple seconds he ran inside and we slammed the door. After a few seconds we heard the footsteps come closer and saw a shadow under (and somehow "through") the door. But the shadow faded away and silence kept with us for the rest of the night. The others spoke in hushed tones, while Sean and I just sat in our beds. Me surfing the web, him staring into space creepily.

But all in all no one was hurt, so a good day.

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