Thursday, 17 January 2013


Last night we had a campfire. We stayed in the camping site longer than we should have, but we felt overly safe there. We sat around it by the glowing warmth of the flames, I checked out some other blogs with my laptop. The others chatted, but I'm not that talkative. I prefer my own company, I guess that's not very safe for a target such as I am. But change doesn't come easy.

Now, our group. There's Jane, she's running from the Rake. Johnathan, who's got the Black Dog on his tail (see what I did there? :P). Elisa, who's in my boat with Chilly after her, she seems to be dealing with it better than me. And Sean, he has the classic Slenderman hunting him.

We(they) told stories around the campfire. No ghost stories, we get enough of that from reality. I caught what I could when I wasn't too engrossed in others' stories and theories, there are some interesting ones out there, but everything still remains a theory. Especially with all this so-called dimensional bleeding, you don't know what's going on.

But I was definitely listening when Jane took a flute from her bag. She can play it very well, and the tune was fairly haunting. What with the environment and our lives kind of being ruined by evil monsters, that's not hard to achieve. But she somehow manages to make music to haunt you while making you feel better simultaneously. She's also very pretty. I know they all read this but that's no secret. I don't really do much about it though. If it wasn't clear to you already I don't socialize well.

Later on we settled down in our sleeping bags, the embers slowly fading away. Johnathan took the first watch, staying up to keep a look out for Fears and Proxies. I was just drifting off when I was yanked from my light sleep by Johnathan shouting. I scrambled out of the sleeping bag, I was bundled up as much as I can to protect from the cold. Elisa doesn't seem to feel the Chill as much as I do. I woke up to see Johnathan striking out with a baseball bat at something in the darkness.

I grabbed my flashlight and turned it on to see a pale, human figure hunched over Jane, long claws protruding from its fingers. The Rake was screaming at Johnathan as he hit it over and over again. It scuttled back, fang filled mouth open in an angry growl. It walked to the side, watching us with calculating eyes that glowed in the blackness. Jane ran to the back of the group. I grabbed my knife and held it defensively as Elisa took her own and Sean picked up his cricket bat. 

The beast skittered from side to side on all fours, crab-like. A continuous string of whispering could be heard from it, though its mouth wasn't moving. It feigned forward and dropped back again as we stood our ground. It charged forward and Sean hit it in the jaw, it faltered but despite the noticeable break in the bone it leapt atop him. I rushed forward and drove my knife into its back. I pulled my knife from its back as it retreated from Sean. It scampered into the trees, fading into the shadows.

Jane is alright, apart from a few cuts. Nothing serious and with the application of a couple bandages she should be fine in a couple days. Sean's also fine, only minor cuts that are already healing. I guess we should count ourselves lucky. Frankly, if the Rake didn't enjoy playing with its food I don't think we would have survived the encounter. 

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