Tuesday, 22 January 2013


She's gone. They're gone. 

I was out, walking around town. A little alone time, no matter how dangerous that may be I can't let them just control me. But, I should have. I should have learnt my lesson. I should have surrendered to my fear and then maybe she'd still be here. It was cold, as it always was, a chilling wind bit at me that I had to pull my coat all the way around me to keep it out. I was on my way back to the motel, we had gotten a new one since last post. We moved on the next morning. We wouldn't stay there when we knew Slenderman was hanging around.

I arrived back and the place was a mess and pools of blood dotted the floor. I thought it was a Fear attack, but it wasn't. Jane was lying on the bed, a knife wound in her stomach, her eyes closed. She was...she is dead. On the floor was Sean, his head broken in. Johnathan was sitting on his bed, a bloodied baseball bat at his feet. I heard Elisa crying in the bathroom.

"I would have called you," he said, barely looking up, "You didn't bring your phone."

"What-" I stuttered, "What happened."

"I read your last post. You were right. Sean was being manipulated. He was a Proxy."

Sean had taken a knife to Jane, stabbed her in the stomach. Johnathan had pulled him away from her and they struggled. Johnathan was knocked onto his back and had grabbed his bat, swinging it into the side of Sean's head. John got to his feet and swung it again and again into his skull until Sean was dead. 

"We tried to save her," he continued, "We tried to bandage her up, stop the bleeding. But she was too badly hurt. She was dead in minutes."

What can we do now? How do we dispose of a body while on the run? We can't exactly take them out through the lobby. And we can't call a morgue, too many questions. Maybe we can call a morgue just before we leave so they can pick them up, but then we'll have the police on our hands. But they'd be the least of our problems.

We have no time to grieve, no time to recover. We have to keeping Running. I can't stop thinking, maybe if I had been there. Maybe she'd still be alive. Maybe they'd both be.

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