Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Jack Frost is a Jackass

Seeing as this appears to be the only way to get into contact with anyone else in my situation, I have made myself a blog. I am what most people seem to refer to as a Runner, and I guess that's as good a name as any. Though I'm sure Victims, Idiots and Corpses were all close runners up. To those of you who don't know what a Fear(note capital) is, turn back now, if you don't you may get more than you bargained for. I run from the one known as Jack Frost, Little Boy Blue, the Frozen Prince, the Abominable Snow Boy, but to all he is the Cold Boy. 

Long story short, blah blah blah, boring life, blah blah blah, isolation, blah blah blah, creepy child, blah blah blah, now I'm a Runner.

See how fast I can do that?

I've got my gang. A little squad of 4 other Runners. Normally I would travel alone but Frosty prefers people who do that so I'm traveling with them. They're fairly nosy, poking into my business. Well now you can find out what I'm doing while keeping your nose over there. So I get some peace and quiet. Honestly, I like sticking to myself. I enjoy solitude. But it seems Mr. Freeze doesn't care about your preferences. As long as you keep to yourself he decides he "wants to play".

We're staying in a camping park at the moment, and I'm freaking freezing my ass off here. The others don't seem to feel it but I can't seem capable of feeling anything but a constant chilling wind. I may enjoy solitude, but the cold doesn't sit well with me.

But this is just a greeting post to all my fellow Runners out there. Maybe I'll go into more detail later.

See ya later.

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