Sunday, 10 March 2013


So I found some food. If you can call it that. A little underground pool with some luminous plantlife around it. Really beautiful and serene and tranquil and all that. A nice supply of water and food that hasn't killed me yet. Now you may have noticed that I started looking a few days ago. Did I only find it now, or why didn't I post sooner? Well, I noticed that too. It's been 4 hours since my last post. Yep, it's true.

A few days in a few hours. This place is seriously screwed up. I hate this place! This place sucks! Well, the beautiful and serene and tranquil pool is pretty nice. I guess it ain't all bad. I guess I always liked being on my own, but having no basic services doesn't really suit me. Sure I can watch stuff online, so I don't really need TV. But I'd really like a toilet, y'know, one that isn't also my only source of water. And food, proper food.

And it's only getting colder. I guess that may be a good sign, that I'm nearing an exit. But do I really want to find an exit, if it's only going to be colder outside. Who knows if there's even civilisation anywhere nearby. I guess I should at least try. I'll mark my progress through the cave so I don't get lost. I definitely want to be able to find my way back here.

Wish me luck, I may not see you for days!

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