Saturday, 30 March 2013

Over the Horizon

I set out with my pack of "stuff" over the frozen tundra outside the cave. Over the snow, leaving deep footsteps in my wake that would soon be covered by the wind. It wasn't the worst wind there could be, a blizzard had come during the night, I set off right after it had passed. In comparison this was a mild cold and the wind only just picked up lairs of snow to wash it over the plains in curtains of white. It was a minor incline to the horizon, and it took me only a few minutes to reach it and see the source of the orange light I saw last night and was hoping would be my salvation.

It was civilisation. The key-word being "was". It was now a burnt husk of buildings and ramshackle huts. It was still smoking and I could feel the warmth radiating from the wood, how any heat could survive in this place I don't know, but apparently fire had managed to last long enough to consume the structure of this village. I managed to find the most intact of the cabins to set up camp, setting a few of those flammable mushrooms I mentioned on the ground and scraping a couple rocks together feebly for a few minutes before a spark managed to survive and ignite the fungus. It won't last long, but it warms me up after the journey in the biting wind.

And now I sit here, in the remains of this house, typing away at my laptop to keep you all appraised of my situation. I'm not sure why. Certainly there's better things to be doing than updating a blog, like I've just realised that these buildings are made of wood and would make far better fuel than a bunch of mildly flammable fungi. I blame the Rake. Him and his compulsion. Oh and his evil deeds and horrible murderousness. The Rake really sucks. All the Fears do, and whatever the hell the Glitch is. But you probably know that if you've ever read anything that relates to the Fears. And if you have you have probably also encountered one or two and know that saying the Fears "suck" is a ridiculous understatement. I could probably come up with a better insult but my mind is cold.

I'm going to go and- There's something moving outside! I can't get a proper view of it, it looks humanoid but that means squat in this world. Whatever this world is. I should probably go now, there's some wood that should act as a hefty weapon. They're coming closer.

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