Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Few Days Later

Yeah, that happened. It seems this time-screw works both ways. It really HAS been days since last time I posted, but apparently it's been like 10 minutes for you. I just can't this place, man. Okay, catch-up.

Good News: I found an exit!
Bad News: It's frozen wasteland as far as the eye can see out there.
Good News: There's light over the horizon.
Bad News: It's really really cold!

It took ages to find that exit, it took up most of my time since last post. I marked the tunnels I've used with bio-luminescent mushrooms, checking each one in turn, making out a nice map of the place. Until I finally found a tunnel that leads outside. Lots and lots of snow all over the place out there.

I've packed up some food in my laptop bag, and I'm holding my laptop in my coat. My clothes really isn't suited for hiking across endless tundras. But if that orange light over the hill is from some sort of civilised settlements (Because I'm just THAT LUCKY!) than I should be able to make it before I freeze. I've got some stones for starting a fire and flammable mushrooms (After days in a cave you start experimenting) that I really don't feel safe eating to keep me warm during my journeys.

Wish me luck! I honestly have no clue how long it will be before my next post.

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