Sunday, 24 February 2013


Glitch! I know you have something to do with this! The night I had my encounter with that Mar idiot in my last post I go to sleep and wake up almost a month later in a fucking cave with nothing but the clothes on my back and a laptop with seemingly unlimited charge because for some reason Fears and all associated organisations are fucking obsessed with blogging!

This place is completely black with only the laptop screen as light. The rocks are grey and icy and it is fucking cold! I mean, the Cold Boy's Chill was one thing but this is actual coooooold. I bet this has something to do that Tale Weaver bastard too, the guy who replaced the guy who ran those challenges, the Game Master. I've seen the blogs! He's...'acquaintances' with the Glitch. From what I've read they don't seem awfully fond of each other.

Whatever the case, I'm still stuck in this cave. I've explored around and I haven't found an exit yet, but its a large cave system and hopefully it'll offer me some escape. Or at least some food, I am really hungry. God damn it now that I think of it I am really really hungry, I'm going to see if this cave has a McDonald's or...maybe some appetizing moss. Yum.

Chris Wilson out.

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