Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Closer and Closer

Air thinning...cold encroaching...exhaustion mounting...sill can't see the top.

Can't get enough sleep, Lights are too close. Every waking moment is moving. How long ago for you did I mention I wouldn't die trying to get to the top. In moments of adrenaline, emotional calamity and pissed off defiance you can think stupid things. Things like you can climb a mountain with nothing more than the clothes on your back, a cut up blanket and a few cans of food. Oh, and of course a laptop. Couldn't forget that. I've been thinking why Fears are so obsessed with Runners blogging, why the Rake Compels us into these things. They say that knowledge of them makes them more powerful or more prevalent. That seems as good a reason as any. Insidious bastards.

Oh God. There's a Light here. It hutrs me i cant thnk what is it how cna the tale weaver mke somthing so terribel my eyes ar bleeding no no no no


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