Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It changed

The Light changed. I can't believe how terrifying that thing was. I've never known fear like that, not even when facing actual Fears. But it changed. Morphed into a spectral figure, and before I knew it, before I stopped knowing anything altogether from the pain of just looking at it, before me stood Johnathan, bat in hand.

It wasn't him. It couldn't have been him. Not after what happened with Jane. It was another jumble of Words, a trick to fool me again. This knowledge didn't make what happened next much easier.

He stepped forward and walloped me across the head. I slammed against the mountain face, head thumping and vision blurring. I fell to all fours, and I grabbed a large rock, small enough to hold in one hand. He raised the bat again, and I smashed the rock into his jaw. This time it was his turn to fall. I stepped back, not ready to launch an attack that wasn't purely defense. This just gave him it -it -it -it! time to get back up and strike again. I managed to dodge this attack and rammed a fist into his side. It elbowed me into the base of my neck and I was down again. I rolled away just before his foot came down on where my head used to be, it raised his foot to stomp again and I grabbed his other leg, pulling it over down to my level.

I leapt on it and punched it in the face several times. His blood on my hands. Again I hesitated and it put his hands together, launching them into my nose. Knocked off him we both scrambled to our feet and started to circle each other. That's when Elisa showed up as well.

There I was. Face to face with my former friends (Former? I honestly don't know), their faces used by evil things. Using them to torture me. Forcing me to fight them and, if I was to survive, kill them. Murder them with my own hands.

I lifted a leg and kicked the Johnathan in the chest knocking him onto the ground once more. The Elisa ran at me with her knife. I grabbed her wrist and twisted it around, forcing it to drop the knife. I pushed her way and backed up. I don't feel right being forced to fight a girl, maybe that sounds sexist. Although, to which gender I'm not actually sure. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to avoid this, and as she ran at me I socked her in the jaw. I heard a crack. She never was the strongest. But this is just what the Tale Weaver and Glitch want. Guilt, remorse. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction, but emotions aren't easily controlled. And watching her blood run down onto the snow, knowing I was the cause, it hurt.

And, once again, this was opportunity used by Johnathan to run at me. He never was the brightest. I slid to the side, clipped him with my foot and jabbed him in the back of the shoulder. He was sent hurtling over the side of the mountain. I turned away, trying to ignore the thumping as he hit rock after rock on the way down.

I watched sullenly as Elisa slowly got back to his feet. Blood still trickling out of her mouth, her jaw poking out at a wrong angle. It wasn't human. It approached slowly, weakened, but showing no signs of pain. Its eyes cold and dead. I looked down, the bat wasn't far away, and I walked to pick it up. I turned to it, stepped forward, took aim and closed my eyes.

I didn't open them as I swung. I didn't open them when I felt it connect. I didn't open them when I heard a smash again the rocks. I didn't open them when I felt the warm droplets of blood on my face. I only opened them when I rose my face to the sky and stood there in silence as I let the bitter wind dry the blood.

I walked away not long after, and found a place to curl up to sleep. There's only one left. One friend. And I think I know where he'll be.

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