Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Capture and Escape

Wow. Where do I start? According to blogger it's been about HALF A FUCKING YEAR since my last post. I wish I could tell you how long that's been for me, but unfortunately I've been unconscious for an unspecific amount of that time. Given the nature of everything that's been happening for the past year I could have easily spent most of it unconscious in real time.

But, explanations. I was sleeping in my cabin when I hear something outside, a loud screeching noise. It woke me up quickly as you would imagine and I grabbed my chunk of timber, holding it close as I rose to my feet and prepared to defend myself. The screeching stopped suddenly before starting again a few seconds later. It did that several times before I saw them. The dark, phantom things. Each screech was accompanied by a sudden burst of blurring speed as they shifted across the field of snow.

They drew closer and closer and I could tell they, finally, were coming for me. I backed away from the door and held my weapon at the ready. A screech sounded again and before I knew it one was standing right in front of me, taken by surprise it struck out at my jaw in a swift motion. Pain shot through my skull as I hurtled away against the wall. That's when the unconsciousness struck.

I woke up in a cave somewhere in this unknowably large tundral realm, within a cage. There were no phantoms to be seen. I sat up and I grabbed the bars of the cell, rattling them back and forth to no avail. My futile state of existence had only increased in futility. The cage was solid, no food or water to be found, no help would be coming. Here I was without a hope. I didn't even have my laptop to keep all my loyal followers updated. It was sitting on a rock, out of reach. So I lay there and waited for dehydration to claim me/my captors to return to finish me off. As it happened, neither happened.

Though I was there for what had to be days my body refused to die. My thirst and hunger ate away at me, the pain in my stomach killing me but without the death part. Weeks passed. How long would I have to endure this? How long would I be able to survive? The phantoms didn't return either, leaving me to my eternal suffering.

You know how I said no help would be coming, well of course I thought that at the time but as it turned out I was wrong. I was coming up on what I had counted to be my 28th day trapped without any source of nourishment when a figure appeared, silhouetted against the white light of the cave entrance. It was Jane. Yes, Jane. Remember Jane, from a few months back. The one that died. I shouldn't have trusted it, I shouldn't have believed it. It was impossible. Even if it wasn't, why would a Fear(ish thing) controlled domain offer a kindness? It wouldn't. But I was so relieved to be rescued. So relieved to see her! Against my own better judgement I chose to believe it was really her.

"Chris!" she called out to me, hastily grabbing the lock and pulling a pin out of her hair. "I bet you didn't know I could pick locks," she laughed as she inserted the pin. "What are you doing here? How are you alive?" she asked me. I could only groan in response. "Never mind, let's just get you out of here." She grabbed me and hoisted my arm around her shoulders and I didn't resist. I grabbed my laptop as we passed and-

-And now I have to go. The lights are getting closer. I'll continue this later.

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