Sunday, 5 May 2013

What the -?

You may have seen my last post. If not, here's the gist: "Dontletthelightstakeme". Now that may be "Don't let the light stake me" but my money's on "Don't let the lights take me". Now, I don't remember posting that and there's still a chance I didn't, but knowing these Fears and Fear-Related-Entities as I do odds are I really did post that. This, as you can imagine, raises some questions. What are these "lights"? Why do I not wish for them to take me? Why can I not remember writing that post (If I did in fact write it)? And why was I so totally unable to write a coherent post on the subject?

Now I know for you probably some time has passed. But for me it's only been a couple of days since those White Walkers as I've come to know them were drifting around my temporary place of residence. I'm still staying here as I have found no better place and it's doubtful I'd be able to survive for very long out in the blizzarded wilderness. So I'll be staying here indefinitely, for as long as it is safe and I do not know what is necessary to complete this challenge.

So here I am. In a burnt out building in a burnt out village in a cold and desolate artificial universe where I am nothing more than a plaything to an Entity described as Unknown compared to the Fears themselves with some unusual mind-control/amnesia blog-posting and mysterious ghost-people and completely unknown and apparently mind-shatteringly terrifying "lights".

That sums it up nicely. Well, the summing is done nicely, what is summed is most certainly not nice.

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